Mickey Mouse can kiss my ass!

I’ve been to Disney World three times in my life, the most memorable of which was when we took our kids there back in 2000. They were both around 10 years old at the time and they really enjoyed it. I think I enjoyed seeing them enjoy it more than I ever did myself. All of my visits there were as an adult so I never experienced that wonder that so many kids experience during their visit. I thought it was interesting and fun but I certainly would not rate it among the most enjoyable experiences of my life.

In the news most recently with regard to Disney is some character whose obviously a very enthusiastic Trump supporter as well as a major Disney enthusiast. You would have to be to purchase an annual pass for admission to the park, which probably costs a pretty penny. I’ve never been a fan of Donald Trump and always thought he was a bit of a jerk. However, I do support most of what he has been doing since he was elected and I did vote for him. The alternative was the eternally loathsome Hillary Clinton. What other choice could one possibly make?disney-2839720_640

This isn’t about the enthusiastic Trump supporter, however. It is about Disney and the decisions they made that has turned me completely against them and resolve to never spend another dime on anything they are offering, whether it be theme parks, movies or products. What they did that really pissed me off is something they did a couple of years ago. Disney, being the struggling, nearly bankrupt company that they obviously are, decided to lay off a bunch of IT workers so they could hire replacements from India that they could pay less than the loyal workers they booted out the door. Lord knows, with all the wealthy executives, movie stars, television actors and news media personalities Disney rewards with multi-million dollar salaries, it’s obvious that they really needed to fire a bunch of $80 or $100K-per-year IT workers in order so save money. Are you kidding me?

I first read about this situation when it first showed up in the news back in 2016 and it really hit a nerve. Partly because I was an IT worker for many years but more so because it was another sickening example of corporate greed and how it can result in good people getting shafted. Many of the employees that were laid off by Disney were loyal, hard-working, long-time employees who did excellent work for the company. How the decision makers in that company could be heartless enough to toss these people out on the street to save what is probably an insignificant amount of money for Disney is beyond me. It’s sad, disgusting and it’s un-American.

To make matters worse, Disney just didn’t lay these people off, they also forced them to spend time training the people that were hired to replace them! Think about that for a minute and imagine how you would feel in that position. Imagine your boss coming to you one day and telling you that you will be out of a job in a few months and that you have to start spending all your time training your replacement to do your job or they won’t provide you with benefits like severance pay. It’s not because you did anything wrong. It’s just because they would rather pay these people from another country less than they pay you so they can save money.

Meanwhile, ABC, a Disney-owned company pays John Goodman $375K per episode to appear on that shitty recycled Roseanne show that no longer even includes Roseanne. Laurie Metcalf and Sara Gilbert are paid the same amount to appear on that shitty show. I didn’t even like the show when Roseanne was on so now it’s complete garbage. That twit Alec Baldwin is being paid $300K per episode by Disney-ABC to host his own show which, not surprisingly, is headed for the scrap heap.

You can clearly see that Disney desperately needs to save money by firing IT workers who do not live in 20,000 square foot houses in Malibu and own private jets.

I’m no socialist by a long shot and I realize that private companies can decide who to hire and fire but I also believe in loyalty and I think it is an incredibly shitty thing for Disney to do by firing those middle class employees. And, since we live in a (mostly) free society, I am free to avoid taking part in any activity that involves giving my money to Disney.