New Jersey hates guns but loves illegal immigrant murderers

Here’s a real good example of how gun control will never be able to stop bad people from using firearms to kill others.

In this instance an illegal immigrant was was freely roaming about the country committing crimes and posing a genuine threat to the public. He would have probably made a fitting poster boy for the kinds of people that the employees of ICE, the Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency would like to apprehend and deport back to their home countries.

In this case, man named Luis Ridrigo Perez was in the country illegally and it appears he was clever enough to hang out in Middlesex County, New Jersey where, out of the goodness of their hearts (and Democrat votes), they do not cooperate with ICE by turning over individuals that are wanted by the agency when they are arrested or detained by county law enforcement officers. They had previously declared themselves a “sanctuary” for people that are in the country illegally.

I suspect that most law enforcement officers in sanctuary areas do not agree with that policy but their left-wing bosses don’t give them any choice because votes for left-wing political candidates is more important than public safety. Here’s what can happen as a result of sanctuary policies.

Not surprisingly, Perez managed to get himself into some trouble and was arrested on domestic violence charges. Although Middlesex County, New Jersey law enforcement officials knew that ICE had wanted to take Perez into custody when they were finished with him, their big-hearted sanctuary policy mandated that he be set free rather than contacting ICE to have him turned over. Perez was released so that he would be able to continue on his merry way and figure out what additional crimes he wanted to commit. It did not take him long.

Mr. Perez now stands accused of shooting three people in Missouri. According to cops in that state, Perez was kicked out of a home in that state and then decided to get himself a gun and go back to exact his revenge on his former housemates. Three people were shot to death.

As you might expect, Middlesex County officials put the blame on ICE and said that the agency had the opportunity to take action against Perez during the 51 days he was in custody there. Whether or not they actually informed ICE that they had him in custody was something that was not mentioned, but it seems likely that a sanctuary county would not be inclined to routinely turn over that kind of information, does it? ICE certainly could not have taken action if they didn’t know he was there.

So here you have an individual that is in the country illegally and therefore cannot legally possess a gun. Did that stop this violent invader from getting his hands on one and using it to kill three people? Certainly not because criminals do not abide by the law and that’s why we call them criminals.

I find it a bit ironic that this illegal immigrant was arrested in New Jersey, a state with some of the most stringent and restrictive gun laws in the country. They surely don’t seem to care much for citizens having the right to defend themselves with firearms but they had no problem turning a violent illegal immigrant loose to go murder people in another state. Too bad they don’t place as many restrictions on violent invaders that enter our country illegally as they do on firearms, which are not capable of harming anyone without the assistance of a living, breathing human being. Someone like Luis Ridrigo Perez, for example.

I hope the loved ones of the murder victims in Missouri take some time to contact Middlesex County, New Jersey officials and thank them for enabling the murderous invader that took their loved one’s lives away. Maybe they could send them a nice Christmas card with a note of thanks included.

Way to go, Middlesex County, New Jersey. You should be very proud!