Did you get your flu shot yet?

Nope. I’ve never had a flu shot in my life and I don’t ever plan to start. Ever. If you were expecting this to be yet another pro-flu shot article, I can see how you would arrive at the conclusion but you were mistaken.

Although I have my reservations where vaccines are concerned, I would not label myself as anti-vax or against vaccination in general. There seems to be little doubt that the development of vaccines has contributed tremendously to the eradication or near-eradication of many serious diseases. However, I definitely believe there are too many vaccinations being pushed on the public these days and that we should focus only on those that help prevent the most serious diseases.

But, like any big industry, the insatiable desire for profit has turned vaccines into a massive money maker for Big Pharma and they, along with their usual shills, will push any vaccine they manage to come up with. I have no doubt they would be pushing vaccines to prevent hang nails on the public if they developed one!

Now that winter is just a few weeks away in the northern hemisphere, the pro-flu shot propaganda machine has been cranked up and is operating at full speed. Between the television and radio ads as well as the signs all over every retail outlet that includes a pharmacy, I feel like I literally cannot get through a single day without a reminder that I should get a flu shot. I’ve also noticed that they have started to present the whole notion of getting a flu shot in a different way.

A few years ago it was not uncommon to see ad advertisement or a sign advocating flu shots, although it was not as ubiquitous as it is today. At the time they seemed like fairly typical ads and seemed to be content to just let the public know that flu shots were available and were a good idea. Now, however, more and more ads aChris Redmond, with the Aerospace Enabler Division at the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, gets his flu shot from registered nurse Mary Piersanti, Davis County Health Department. Flu shot clinics are still being held at various locations on Hill Air Force Base until Nov. 15 for Hill personnel. (U.S. Air Force photo by Cynthia Griggs)re employing new tactics with the goal of convincing as many people as possible that they need to get a flu shot.

One of their recent tactics is to scare people by reminding us all how serious the flu can be and that it can even result in death. I’m sure that does happen but I strongly suspect it is almost entirely limited to people who have compromised or weakened immune systems or have a serious illness already. In my entire life I have never known anyone who died or almost died from the flu or ever heard from anyone else that they did either.

Although using scare tactics in order to convince people to get a flu shot is amusing to me, my personal favorite is the guilt trip tactics they have started to use. I have seen ads where they suggest that it is everyone’s “responsibility” to get a flu shot and they justify that by saying that people who do not get a shot can spread the flu virus and make other people sick.

It’s true that I could probably spread the flu to others if I happen to come down with it but shouldn’t the people who are deathly afraid of getting the flu get a flu shot to protect themselves from people like me? Wouldn’t that mostly solve that problem?

I realize that some people are not able to get a flu shot for health reasons but that sure as hell isn’t a good enough reason for me to have some mysterious elixir injected into my body. Many of the substances in flu shots are questionable at best. They often contain preservatives derived from mercury. Isn’t the the same stuff they use to make CFL light bulbs and the reason the instructions for cleaning up a broken one on your floor reads like something extracted from a hazmat manual? That’s not the kind of shit I want injected in my body, despite the infinitesimal amount they claim a vaccine contains. Wouldn’t that tend to build up over the years if you go along like a good little robot and get your flu shot every year?

It’s not hard to see the increasing desperation on the part of Big Pharma and their cronies to get as many people as possible to agree to a flu shot. There’s one particular brand of pro-flu shot television advertisement I have seen for the first time this year that is particularly indicative of their desperation. The ad encourages viewers to avoid being a “shot dodger.” They present a number of actors in the ad who cite various “excuses” for not submitting to a flu shot. One actor says she does not have time while another says he is very healthy and fit and does not need one, while the last actor says he is fearful that the flu shot will give him the flu, which does happen from time to time. Not one word about the potentially harmful shit they put in those vaccines or possible bad reactions, however.

By encouraging viewers to not be “shot dodgers,” they imply that getting the flu shot is something that you are obliged to do, like feeding your kids or not driving drunk, They also cast an unfavorable light on those who refuse to go along with the master plan to put a few more million (or billion) in Big Pharma’s pockets. They label you a “dodger” if you don’t get a flu shot as if you are some kind of menace to society. Look up how many people die each year from prescription medications and then tell me who the menace is.

Although I am loathe to go along with anything that lines the pockets of Big Pharma, the real bottom line were flu shots are concerned is that I refuse to get one because I value my health. In addition to the nasty shit they put in flu shots that I mentioned previously, getting a shot is not the trivial, everyday, nothing-to-worry-about endeavor most people think it is.

Getting a flu shot means you are having something injected directly into your body, which bypasses so many of the natural protections we have that filter out harmful things that we may eat, inhale or get on our skin. Getting something injected into your body is like getting the “jail” card on Monopoly: “Go directly to Jail. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.” In other words, all the shit they mix into those flu vaccines gets a free ride right into your body with minimal or no interference from your natural immune processes. That strikes me as kind of a big deal.

Another reason I refuse the flu shot is that I simply feel that I do not need it. I haven’t had the flu since 2004 and frankly, I am not sure I even had the flu at that time. If I did, it was not a particularly bad case and I was only out of work for three or four days. I have been taking various supplements that I am 100 percent certain improve my health and my resistance to disease. I am not going to include and exhaustive list of what I take but I will say one of the most important things everyone should be taking is vitamin C. If you think it is just another vitamin, think again. Do a little research on intravenous vitamin C and read up on how it can cure people who are on death’s door as a result of sepsis (search for “iv vitamin c and sepsis”).

My wife recently came down with shingles. Granted, it was not the worst case anyone has ever had by a long shot, but she did break out with a few nasty patches of rash on the right side of her body and the itching was driving her crazy. Although I knew she would be skeptical, I encouraged her to take as much vitamin C as she could stand. She decided to give it a shot and after the very first day she noticed a reduction in the itchiness of her rashes. Within three days all of her rashes were virtually gone. I encouraged her to really “blast” herself with C but she only managed between four and six grams per day, which seemed to do the trick. I could not help but wonder if it would have healed her even faster if she had taken higher doses. Now she is encouraging me to take a lot of vitamin C to help heal a burn on my finger. That’s even a bit extreme for me and I would rather save my supply of C for more serious things. I do take about 2 grams every day, however.

If you do what is necessary to keep your immune system in good shape you will have little to fear from the flu. And even if you do come down with it, there are “alternative” treatments out there that can reduce your symptoms dramatically and shorten the duration of the illness very significantly. Things like vitamin C cannot be patented, so Big Pharma has no monetary incentive to make simple, cheap and effective treatments like vitamin C known or available to the public. Research vitamin C online and decide for yourself.

Among the other reasons I refuse flu shots is that there is some evidence that they can misdirect or disrupt your immune system in such a way that makes you even more susceptible to the flu. Especially strains of the flu other than the one you were vaccinated against (search for “flu shot makes you more susceptible” online). Messing with your immune system may be one of the very worst things you could do to your health and make you vulnerable to God-knows-what in the future. If you think modern medicine has a full and complete understanding of how the human immune system functions, I have some swampland down in Florida you may be interested in purchasing.

And then there’s the actual effectiveness of the flu shot to consider. As you may already know, medical researchers and scientists have to basically guess which strain of the flu is going to be the “big one” for the coming season. That’s because it takes time to develop the vaccine and then manufacture millions of doses for the public. If they happen to guess wrong, well that means you got a flu shot for nothing and put your health at risk for an infection you are very unlikely to encounter.

And if the experts guess right and prepare a vaccine for the flu that does turn out to be the big one? Well, even then the flu shot is only somewhere between 40 and 60 percent effective according to the CDC. I suppose there is a decent chance that the vaccine will protect you from the strain it was designed to resist but as you can see, it is not exactly a guarantee that you will not get the flu.

The other vaccine being pushed hard by Big Pharma these days is the one for pneumococcal pneumonia. What the hell is that? That’s pretty much what I said when I first saw the advertisement for this vaccine on TV. Well, according to Big Pharma, it’s a type of pneumonia that mostly affects older people and the worst thing they seem to be able to say about it is that it can lay you up for a few weeks or even land you in the hospital (gasp!). Apparently, it isn’t serious enough for them to link it to anyone’s death since I am sure they would have mentioned that if they could.

Although I am not 65 yet, it isn’t all that far down the road. So, I have to wonder why I should even consider getting a new vaccine injected into my body for a disease I had never heard of in my life and have never known anyone else who ever had it. How serious and widespread can it really be if I had never even heard of it? Obviously, Big Pharma is pushing it hard for one reason and one reason only: profit. By the way, the Prevnar-13 vaccine is only 46 percent effective according to the manufacturer. I’ll pass on that one too, Big Pharma, but thanks for the offer!

Ultimately, we all make our own decisions about whether or not to get a flu shot. Do as you please. I’ll do my best to stay clear of the flu by optimizing my immune system as best I can. It’s been working for at least the last 14 years for me, so why fix something that isn’t broken?